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37TALENT - Modern Slavery Statement

We are dedicated to enhancing our protocols to combat slavery and human trafficking. We acknowledge that these abhorrent practices persist, often hidden, in our society. Within our business and supply chain, we categorically reject any involvement with slavery and human trafficking. We pledge to conduct our operations with unwavering ethics and integrity, fostering transparent and principled relationships. We are resolute in establishing and upholding robust systems and measures to guarantee that no form of slavery occurs within our business or supply chains.

Organisation’s Structure

As a service-oriented recruitment agency dedicated to ethical business conduct, we operate under the name 37TALENT, which is a trading entity of 37TALENT PTY LTD is a registered company in AUSTRALIA with the company number 652 263 342

Our services:

• Permanent recruitment

• Executive search and selection

• Temporary recruitment

• Contingent recruitment solutions

To maintain our commitment to ethical and transparent business practices, we have implemented several internal policies, including:

1.Recruitment Policy: Our recruitment policy is designed to be robust, encompassing thorough checks to verify the eligibility of all employees to work in Australia. This measure helps prevent potential involvement in human trafficking and ensures that individuals are not coerced into working against their will.

2.Whistleblowing Policy: We have established a whistleblowing policy that encourages all our employees to report concerns related to the treatment of colleagues or any questionable practices within our business or supply chain. Importantly, this policy provides safeguards against reprisals, creating an environment where individuals can voice concerns without fear.

3.Health and Safety Policy: Our health and safety policy outlines our commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for both our staff and contractors who operate from our premises. This policy underlines our dedication to the well-being and safety of all individuals involved in our operations.

Further Steps:

We are committed to taking proactive measures to combat slavery and human trafficking within our operations. To achieve this, we have outlined the following steps:

1.Supplier Risk Assessment: We will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment for all new suppliers, utilising resources like the Global Slavery Index. We will require these suppliers to certify that they have taken substantial actions to eliminate modern slavery within their own organisation and supply chain.

2.Supplier Notification: We will communicate our expectations and the obligations related to the prohibition of modern slavery to all our existing suppliers, ensuring they are fully aware of their responsibilities.

3.Incorporate Anti-Slavery Obligations: We will include anti-slavery and human trafficking clauses within our procurement agreements and subcontracting arrangements, prioritising this based on a risk assessment approach.

4.Enhance Due Diligence: Our due diligence processes for sourcing suppliers, subcontractors, and potential acquisitions will be enhanced, focusing on assessing and mitigating the risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking.

Signed: Nick Squires
Position: Founder
37Talent (Australia) Pty Limited
Date: August 2023